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Sunday, August 14, 2011


We passed through Alabama and saw the sign, “Welcome to Florida”. Francesca was happy but I was not. This happy wanderer wanted the show to go on. This best I could do was to stuff as many new experiences as I could into the waning days of summer.
We took a hard right at Pensacola to
explored the National Museum of Navel Aviation.
I had no idea we had this first class facility was hiding in our state’s Northwest corner. Its just like the ones in Washington, DC except with a
Naval twist.

It’s open daily, free, and close to some of
the most beautiful beaches in our state.

Imagine what Miami Beach looked like when it was still an island a hundred years ago, nothing but sand and sea.
That’s what we found ten miles south of Pensacola. Gulf Coast National Seashore is thirteen miles of undeveloped glory.

Its a shame so little of our coast is preserved this way.

Campers aren’t allowed on Florida panhandle beaches.
Reluctantly we headed inland to rest our heads.

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