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Saturday, August 20, 2011



Let's fly off to Mr Terry's

wild and crazy art room!

This is what it looks like...

For the next ten months I'll be sharing what I know with 800 young students.

I teach art at an elementary school on the west side of Miami.

This week I was given a bare room to turn into an art space.

There was much to be done.

The rusting sides of my "new" desk was quickly covered up with Godzilla wrapping paper.

Pictures and posters were hung.

Small statuary were placed here and there.

At times like this I'm thinking,

"What would I want this room to look like if I were ten?"

It's actually not that different from how my bachelor pads used to look.

Neither of my wives were crazy about my stuffed sailfish. That's why it's at school.

I think it is amazing,wonderful and oh so Florida!

Francesca won't let me display this Independence Day monster at home either. She thinks it's creepy.

I think its great.

I can put anything I want in my art room.

When the alien is switched on, a motion sensor makes its jaws open and scream every time you pass by.

I turn it off after the first day of school.

There's screaming enough amongst the kids.

With the room completed I turned to our edible garden. It's just outside my art room door.

After a few weeds were pulled and the white statue(Anubis, the Egyptian goddess of the underworld) was placed, it was ready too.

Kids love it there. The summer rain did wonders and the black-eyed peas are ready to pick.

Come Monday the room will fill with forty new faces every hour. Again I'll spend a year trying to attach names to all 800 of them.

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