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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Nothing lasts forever and this trip ended after 21 gas stops, 10,402 miles, and 49 days.

We spent the last one wandering down highway 27. We took our time passing roadside sellers of peaches, watermelons, and hot nuts. Gatorama is always alluring but we passed it by.

When we arrived in Miami we were surrounded by hoards of barely moving cars on the Palmetto Expressway. It wasn’t even rush hour but it was still the worst traffic we had encountered on our trip.

Pulling into the driveway we saw the sun hemp seeds we had sown had grown tall nearly covering the house. They’ll soon be tilled into the earth as we begin our fall garden and resume our Miami lives.

I thank those of you who took the time to read

the blog this summer. Many of you wrote to say you enjoyed coming along.

Francesca, Pi, and I were glad to have you with us.

We also would like to thank the many people along the way to who were helpful and kind. We hope we can do the same for them, and anyone else, who passes through Miami.

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  1. I loved your trip. I'm still smiling about the dead fish incident.