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Sunday, August 28, 2011


Our summer was filled with surprises.
In Iowa Francesca admitted that she was a twin and that she and her sister had been separated at birth.

She then walked away and moments later her Iranian twin appeared. She and I visited South Dakota’s Corn Palace the next day.

Here are we are on

the tour.
The palace guards would only let us in if I carried the dog, all 28 pounds of her.

We got to tour a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Iowa and nearby, several antique gas stations. The gas pumps prices were antique too, 29 cents per gallon.

We saw many captured animals on display.

Further west the deer and the tuna had much more freedom.

Chicago’s statues were fun.

Miami’s put you to sleep.

This piece entertained us by spitting on children.

Do you enjoy herbs with your vegetables? In Illinois, they grow them together.

The weekend is fading and soon I will too.
Thanks for coming along for another look
at Midwest America.

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