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Monday, August 8, 2011


It’s hard to pass up a chance to see the Grand Canyon.

We had taken our sons to the south rim 18 months ago but now we travelling near the other side.

Park rangers had told us the north rim was nicer, harder to get to so there were less tourists and none of the south rim’s honky-tonk.

We left Bryce Canyon and four hours later we were there.

The rangers were right but unfortunately the campground had already filled. The attendant told us to come back at 2 pm because one of the campsites might become available.

We spent the next two hours lunching and luxuriating in the view of the famous mile- deep hole.

Francesca and I hiked around the

edge. That dark dot is my dear wife looking south. Click on it and she’ll get a little bigger.

When I joined her a few minutes later we gazed down at one of the world’s wonders as well as the dark clouds sweeping up from the south. Lightning struck the other side, far across across the hazy canyon. When Francesca said, “Let’s get outta here!”, I protested, “But it’s 13 miles away!”.

She insisted and we headed for shelter.

The next day we learned that at the time we were looking out from the north rim, lightning had killed a German tourist hiking on the south side.

As usual, Francesca got it right.

We were able to get a campsite and enjoy a the beginning of a spectacular sunset. Unfortunately dark clouds swept up again surprising us with rain. We ran to the van and were stuck there for the night.

By morning the weather had cleared for a long day’s journey to

Southern Colorado.

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