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Thursday, August 4, 2011


It wasn’t your usual wedding. Francesca’s niece, Mariana and fiance, Daniel chose to marry in Tilden Park, in the hills above Berkeley. In the bright summer sun they exchanged vows then waltzed off across a meadow.

No wedding cake for these two, the couple chose a California favorite, cupcakes topped with bacon and maple syrup. After that the 175 guests were encouraged to drink beer and engage in physical activity. Many slipped into gym shorts to

play soccer, football, or frisbee. It looked like a bunch of 28 year-olds doing what they love on a Saturday afternoon. It was creative, the happy couple’s idea of what a wedding should be.

The wedding’s photographer told me she took over 800 photos. My camera’s battery died after these first four shots.

(Ruy and his uncles creating a rose petal path)

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