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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


We left the cliff dwellings for Santa Fe, New Mexico today. Our friends there, Chuck and Gayle, probably could have bought a cliff house, or one of these adobes that you see everywhere, but they opted for modern digs.

Backdrop for our evening meals
Our gracious hosts took us on a town tour. At a 300- year- old market, Francesca bought beautiful earrings from one of the natives. Back in house beautiful we enjoyed delicious dinners accompanied by the setting sun.
Chuck’s learned his way around a kitchen since we were college roommates. He co-founded Atlanta’s premiere organic restaurant, “Eat Your Vegetables” and is now an international consultant in the health food biz. Gayle, a veteran of the fashion industry, has made
their houses glow with good design.
I loved the walls,
mottled light-grey plaster as smooth as glass. Local artisans polished them with beeswax.

Their place is perched in the hills NW of town. At night you see can see the lights of Los Alamos, the stars like you’ve never them before, and the occasional coyote looking for a meal.
That’s why there are no house cats.
We kept Pi on a short leash.

At night we heard their calls as packs ran through the arroyos. These are big husky animals, not like the small, skinny coyotes that beg in California. Sometimes we heard them “yipping” like crazy. Our hosts told us they were probably celebrating a kill... a fat rabbit, a neighbor’s cat, or maybe even a visiting brown dog.

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