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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


       We went to the Grove's own Great Gatsby mansion last night, Viscaya. The old, amazing estate was tricked out with art for its Art Basel show, "Lost Spaces and Stories of Viscaya ".
   You can't have a bad time at this Coconut Grove wonderland; the house, the gardens, there's  
nothing like it in South Florida.  There's even an outstanding Joy Wallace cafe.

     The "Spaces" exhibition adds  eleven local artists to the mix. Their sculptures, in both the house and gardens, will remain in place until next October.  There were performances, as well, as there will be on Sunday.


Mira Lehr and Yara Travieso performing their operatic/dance piece, "What This Place Does Not Remember", West Garden Mound. 


 The pool  was enhanced by floating furniture.


   Our visit was enhanced by the many friends we ran into. Here we are with popular Grove graffiti artist, Arturo Edgardo,

I've been going to Viscaya for sixty years and discover new, wonderful things every visit.  Last night, massaged by a strong, bay breeze,
 the magic is was even more enhanced.

    Stop by our Venetian villa for lunch or brunch and a tour that will both bedazzle you and Art Basel you.


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