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Thursday, December 1, 2016


       It's time to get past the post-election blues and to take action. As the President-elect assembles his billionaire, right-wing cabinet there is less reason for hope and more reasons to unite and fight. 

   You can start speaking out today.  You can make calls. You can make plans to join us in Washington for the Women's March (or be a part of the "sister march" in Miami)  on January 21st.  
    Want to join us in the nation's capitol?  You can fly, drive, or join fifty new friends taking a bus from downtown Miami. 

 Here is the link for that,  Rally Bus’s page for the march .  
    This two-day excursion costs $275. Yes, you'll spend two nights on the Greyhound but that's part of the adventure! Most DC hotels charge more for one night. 

    Your second bus option to to ride the sleeper-bus hired by the Coral Gables Congregational Church. The social activists' enclave is charging $200 but hurry, there are only 15 seats left.  
    Call Pastor Laurie Hafner and she'll set your mind at ease (pastors are good at that).  Pastor Laurie is a wonderful person and her number is 305-448-7421 ext. 116.
   Think of the bus ride as a rolling party to help save the country. You can be a Paul Revere on wheels!
    Would you like to help someone who can not afford a ticket?  The link to donate can be found HERE.


Please follow this LINK of see national information that is constantly updated including questions about the Washington event's details.  While the march's plans are not yet finalized (other groups want the Lincoln Memorial permit as well), the Women's March will take place and tell the new President that we will continue the fight his efforts to limit free speech, truth, freedom, and justice. 



   For information specific to Florida participants follow this LINK.  It includes links to closed Facebook groups for each local area organizing in the state.

    Francesca and I are psyched about heading to DC next month. We hope you can march as well.
    Need a sign or banner?  We're having a party to paint them on Saturday, December 17th.  More on that later.  


 My thanks to Brett Berlin for sending me much of the information that you see above.

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