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Wednesday, November 2, 2016



   Coconut Grove's fishing fleet is long gone but now we can get fresh fish again. The "Shore-To-Door" fish market just opened on Douglas Road in the West Grove.  Its owners, Indira Funes and Sig Ozols, are there to greet you.

    It's a great looking business with plenty of fresh, local fish on ice. The "menu" changes daily;  On Monday they were offering tuna, yellowtail, conch, and grouper.  They usually have stone crabs too (priced less than Milam's!).


  The Shore Store also has beer and wine, sauces, and a small collection of produce.

  While I was visiting this woman eyed the tomatoes and said, "My oh my, I just bought some next door and they costs twice as much." She added more tomatoes, garlic, and peppers to her shopping bag.  

   A Bahamian friend makes their fresh, conch salad. It is sublime. I took home a pint and soon imagined my feet planted in the sand on Elbow Cay.

   Indira and Sig live in the Grove and have deep roots in its food businesses. Many of you will recognize her smile as she worked at Monty's and Scotty's Landing for years. Sig is a fisherman  running Hot Shot Charters out of Dinner Key.

     Their store is a half-block north of Grand Avenue, on the west side. You can park across the street in the lot surrounding the closed-down convenience store.
   Some have asked me, "Is it safe to shop there?" and I tell them,  "It is. Just take the usual precautions you'd take in any of Miami's urban areas".

   Shore-To-Door offers delivery service as well.

   The market is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday and on Saturdays, from ten to five.  The address is 3380 SW 37 Ave, Miami. 33133.  The phone number is 305-529-3471. Their website is, .

     Shore-To-Door is just what the West Grove needs, attractive, well-run business that will bring more of the same.  I've shopped there twice already and with conch salad thoughts in my head, I may go there today.


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