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Saturday, November 12, 2016


      Like millions of Americans, my wife and I have been suffering from Trumpitis since Tuesday's election
It happens every time voters choose a mean-tempered, racist,  buffoon to lead the country.
     Depression, nausea, and mood swings (from bad to worse) are all symptoms of this festering disease.  They ease up a bit if you avoid the news, watch cartoons, or drink large quantities of wine. Francesca and I had  similar problems when Bush #2 was elected. The vino flowed then but this feels much worse. 

    The Center for Disease Control reports that over 48 million voters are suffering from Trumpitis which some are calling "The Biggest Bummer Ever".  Failing libidos will cause the birth rate to dive nine months from now. The Center does not expect to find a cure until 2020.

    CDC spokesperson, Amanda Weed, addressed the issue saying, "It is fortunate that marijuana was legalized at the same time the Republican nominee was elected. If you smoke enough of the stuff you'll forget not only Tuesday's election but the next four years."

PS:  You may have noticed that I did not mention the president elect's name.  Doing this is helpful too. 

Don't let Trumpitis get you down too long.  We need everyone  fighting for truth, justice and equality in this country.

Wishing you peace in difficult times,

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