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Thursday, November 17, 2016


    The Miami City Commission met today to declare November 17th, BOB BRENNAN DAY.

Our honored citizen with his lovely wife, Eileen


Congratulation Bob but I think they should have given you more than a day.  Maybe a whole year.

King Mango, and everyone else, loves Bob Brennan.  
Thursday's city hall gathering was all about Bob being a very special arborist.

    Commissioner Ken Russell read a handsome proclamation to a packed house. 

It described Bob as an incredible tree guru, the talented arborist who has pruned and protected the Grove's tree canopy for over fifty years.

    That was all very nice but I wish they had let me help write the darn thing. Bob Brennan is all that and so much more. 

    With his white bushy beard he plays St. Nick every December. He loves kids and has made hundreds happy in his red Santa suit. He's a great husband and father too.
   When I was starting the King Mango Strut 35 years ago, Bob and his Jaycee buddies were next to me moving the parade along. He and his beautiful wife, Eileen, worked their butts off for 28 years to make the Grove's great parade a success.  "After that (seven years ago) it got political and stopped being fun", said the honoree.  Truth comes easy for Bob.

      Who takes the time to lead a group of scouts?
Bob did for decades with the Plymouth Congregational Church Boy Scout troop. 
It seems like Bob and his wife have bigger hearts than most. I have admired their non-stop tireless efforts for years to 
help our community and anyone in need.  

    Recently Bob became a bee guru too.  When he suits up he's like a Santa in white. The bees keep buzzing but Robert has had to slow his buzz a bit. He now faces tough health issues. The chemo treatments aren't easy but he remains strong and upbeat.

    We wish Bob and his family the very best on this very special day.

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  1. Bob Brennan is a hero! He has saved countless trees throughout his long and storied life.

    When I needed him to help me save some trees in Morningside he was there in a flash.

    Bob, you're the best!

    Elvis Cruz