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Saturday, November 26, 2016


    This town has been anxiously awaiting the headline above for fifty years. When news of Castro's death hit South Florida twelve hours ago we expected all hell to break loose, or at least, a million people doing the salsa in the streets.

   We drove to Cafe Versailles, ground zero for Cuban politics, to witness the tumult. Several helicopters hovered above waiting to show the world how Miami went wild.  This is what we found,

There seemed to be more news people than celebrators in Little Havana today. Maybe a hundred tops this morning.  Those gathered seemed to be waiting for something to happen. When nothing did, we went home. 
   While a few old men seemed to be relishing the moment, most people feel Castro died long ago.
    We live in a lively town that loves to party. No doubt, as the day rolls on more people will join the throngs on Calle Ocho.  Most have waited their whole lives to dance like Oz's Munchkins when their wicked witch died.


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