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Sunday, October 27, 2013


When my son attended college in Sarasota, our visits would always include its beautiful shoreline.  The happy, 20-foot couple above is a part of the annual sculpture show there.   
    The west coast city has a half-mile of greenery along the shore where  world-class art is displayed.   The rest of the year you can wander along the curving bay walk surrounded by trees and glistening water.

  Blanca Mesa is there this weekend.   She sent this photo and wrote,

    Sarasota's shoreline park is terrific. There is easy, free parking and people can walk along the shore to enjoy the bay or watch a sunset.  There are plenty of benches, open areas, and a small playground.
    Everyone's welcome.
Having places like this makes you feel good about where you live, makes everyone happier. We need more of this in Miami.
    In ten days citizens will vote on the Grove Bay proposal.   What do you want, 
a mini-Bayside or more open, green spaces
on Biscayne Bay? 

I like Sarasota's answer.


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