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Saturday, October 12, 2013


      Marc Sarnoff, Coconut Grove's city commissioner, is desperate for love.  In the last six years he has disappointed us with the Marlins Stadium, Trolleygate, dog parks, and toxic parks.  Now he wants us to accept him, and his parting gift,  the Grove Bay Shopping Center.
   Ain't gonna happen.
Lately he's been bombarding us with propaganda that include his smiling face and distorted renderings of "Grove Bay".  This week he send out his version of the "Grove Bay Facts" which are anything but.
   Grove businessman, Stephen Kneapler, was Coconut Grove's representative on the 5-member selection committee that approved of the Grove Bay lease.  He was the only one to vote against it.  This week Kneapler responded to Sarnoff's latest "facts" with this letter,

   Once again you are up to your usual shenanigans.  I just received your latest piece on the "Grove Bay "facts".   Talk about distorting the facts, you should be ashamed!  
   The referendum language (albeit deficient in information needed by the voters) pertains to Grove Bay, not the bayfront master plan! Further,

-The number of restaurants is not correct.  Neither are your comments on outdoor seating.
-The parking space calculations called for in the RFP are either distorted or ignored.
-The footprint of the proposed restaurants is more encumbering that the existing facilities.
-The existing asphalt you complain about is being replaced with concrete,  boat racks and much bigger restaurants.
-View corridors?  There are none.  That water view from Bayshore Drive?  Impossible with your planned restaurants, buildings, and 7-story boat racks.
-Historic Pan American Drive?  Your latest plan turns it into a parking lot. 

    You are our representative. Do the math and do what is right for the citizens of Miami.  Don't do what is convenient for you, your advisers, and the people you have made commitments to.

   Sure, you are a smart guy but so are many of the politicians, dictators, and other leaders who sold out their constituents.

There is is, Marc.  Anytime you'd like to sit down and discuss "the facts" as well as the truth, let me know.  Let's not do it at a commission meeting where citizens like me are given two-minutes to speak.

   Our offices are two blocks apart. Let me know when you are ready for an honest discussion of "the facts" about your Grove Bay proposal.

Steve Kneapler

PS: Do you have a copy of "The Citizens' Bill of Rights" which I suspect you are not aware of?  If not, I can send you a copy.

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