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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


     Last night I attended Marc Sarnoff's one-sided presentation of his Grove Bay shopping center at the Grove Isle Hotel.  Our commissioner, as usual, was full of hot air saying things like, "Grove Bay will cost taxpayers nothing!"  
     What shopping center adds to your taxes?  What it does is require taxpayers to give 7-acres of public land on Biscayne Bay to developers for 80 years.  Do you want that?
    Former school board member Janet McAlilley
stood up to ask, "Why do you want to build all this glass and steel?  What you're proposing is not the Grove at all and I am voting 'no' ".
   Marc's dog and pony show was over in an hour.

    Grove journalist, David Villano, has a loftier view, far beyond Sarnoff's "most bang for your buck" proposal.
He suggests on the Stop Grove Bay website,


A Coconut Grove waterfront where people of all ages, interests and backgrounds can meet, mingle and enjoy the beauty of nature.

A view of the bay, a patch of grass to sit and relax, and a tangible link to a moment in time.

A place where the currency that matters most is the quality of your character.

Miami’s Dinner Key waterfront can be more than it is today, and much more than yet another development on the bay.

Imagine, dream, realize a truly great Coconut Grove waterfront.

Vote “NO” on November 5. 

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