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Friday, October 25, 2013


Ron Beasley used to live in Coconut Grove where he produced a great little Grove newspaper.   He now lives south of us and writes for South Miami's Community Newspaper.
Someone asked Ron for his opinion on the proposed  "Grove Bay" development .
Here is his response,

     I lived in Coconut Grove for many years.  I will always love its charm and character but I am no longer a Grovite. I am so far removed from the Grove now that I hesitate to comment on this issue.
     As an interested observer from afar though, I would say that we as a community have so little bay front left and we now have an opportunity to expose more of it to the people, why not just tear down the existing restaurants and leave the working boat yard and historic hangars?
    Put in some sod and make a park.  Let people wander over and see the bay and picnic on a grassy area by the water.
    Let someone like Captain Dick come in and open a little beer and bait shack operation.   That's my opinion and we both know it ain't gonna happen.
     The City of Miami money grubbers like Mayor Regalado and his cronies want to maximize the dollars they can squeeze from the property and build a "world class destination resort". And that fool Sarnoff just wants to enhance his legacy.
     And so it goes, more political BS. More screw ups for our waterfront with, once again, the people getting the shaft.  And I really have trouble understanding Michelle Niemeyer's total cave in on this matter. I have always respected her opinion and thought she was a Coconut Grove conservationist.   She has really gone over the edge on this issue. I applaud Glenn Terry and his friends for taking up the baton and leading the fight to stop this incredibly stupid redevelopment plan.
    So, you asked, and that's my opinion. 



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