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Sunday, October 20, 2013


Miamians love their boats. I've had a few
myself and its always been great to work on 
them at the Grove Key Marina, next to Scotty's. 
It is a true "boatyard", one of the few places  
that you can haul your vessel out of the
water to work on it.
    The proposed Grove Bay development will
get rid of the Grove Key Marina.  If it passes in
the November 5th election, it's roomy southern
hanger -now used to store boats- will 
become a collection of retail stores. 
     Just north of Grove Key is the Grove 
Harbour Marina.  Under the proposal, the 
northern half of Grove Key will be absorbed into 
Grove Harbour.
     The Grove Harbour Marina is more  
expensive.  It caters to upper-class boaters, 
people who would never dream of working on  
on their own boats, and, if you did, such 
working-class behavior is now allowed there. 
If you need work done on your boat at Grove 
Harbour, you must hire their workers to do it. 
    Going from two marinas to one will,
-Create a marina monopoly 
-Make it harder, and more expensive, to have
  boats repaired, and
-Reduce the boat dry storage space in the 
  Grove, and,
-Double the waiting time to have your stored 
  boat launched.
    Even it you are not a boater, these things 
should concern you.  Our connection with
the sea is huge.  It has always been a big part 
Miami's of the Grove's history, heritage, and
    The Grove Bay proposal will eliminate the
Grove Key Marina.  It will replace it with a
Grove Harbour monopoly, and, just what the
Grove doesn't need, more places to shop.
    I hope you'll join me in voting 
"No" on November 5th, on the Grove Bay
proposal.   Don't let them destroy what we love
in the name of "progress". 
-Glenn Terry, The Grove guy


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  1. Glenn,
    The last e-mail sent out by Commissioner Sarnoff should be considered a slap in the face of every Grove resident. Throughout the e-mail he reminds everyone that this is a city wide vote and that “ALL” the voters of Miami will determine the future of the Grove.
    It is time that the Grove should consider taking control of these types of matters and incorporating Coconut Grove so we can control our own destiny. It is not an impossible task. We can follow Key Biscayne and the Village of Pinecrest model.