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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Rally in Tally: GUN REFORM NOW!

         Nine hundred of us climbed aboard buses Monday morning to protest in Tallahassee. Upon arrival we donned orange t-shirts and marched on the Capitol.  Above, Janie Olivera and her two daughters who exclaimed, "We've never been on a bus before!"


     We tried lobbying our state representatives but most could not be found.
    Several of us attempted to visit the Governor.  His secretary, "Karol", told us he was not in.  She said she would give him our message, "Ban assault weapons now".

     Next door was the office of Pam Biondi, our right-wing attorney general.  Her assistant, Naomi, told us her boss wasn't seeing any visitors.  She wants less guns too and said she'd share our sentiments with Pam.
     Stepping into the hallway we admired portraits of our former governors.   "Wayne Mixon" was the one I'd never heard of.   
                         AND The sign said,  "John Wayne Mixon, Florida Governor January, 3-6, 1987"
I learned he was our state's leader, for three days, in 1987.  Maybe I was asleep during his reign.

    I started roaming the halls looking for trouble. I found it in this conference room. A very large sergeant-at-arms me asked to leave because I was carrying protest signs.  Before I did I took this photograph with our state senator, Jose Javier Rodriguez, seated on the left. A few hours later he was leading a valiant  charge to ban assault weapons.  His efforts failed as most of our senators are gun-lovin' Republicans who'd like everyone in America to pack a gat or two.

               This Vietnam vet let his sentiments be known

    During lunch I teamed up with a group of enthusiastic Broward high school students to form an impromptu theater company. I put on my Trump outfit, they hoisted their signs and we headed to the Capitol steps. In our performances, they put down every great idea I had! 
      As our group prepared to head home we learned Jose Javier's
assault weapons ban proposal had been
voted down.  We're being led by lunatics in Tallahassee.  In November let's vote them down and help make our country safe again.


Two tired UF students

 We thank the Phil Levine for Governor Campaign for making our
bus trip possible.  We thank you for anything you can do to aid the cause.  For instance,
YOU CAN HELP TODAY- One of the main proponents of  "Guns for everyone", is Hialeah state representative Jose Oliva.  We are having a "Die-In Protest" at his local office at noon. 3798 W 12thAve., Hialeah.  Come join us!
YOU CAN ALSO call his office at 850 717-5110.  Tell him you want to ban the AR-15 (he owns one) and to not arm teachers in the classroom.  There will be a Big Vote on these issues today in Tallahassee.

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