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Saturday, March 3, 2018


        Two weeks ago Grovites were grumbling about February's gigantic Grove Art Festival.  You'd hear, "It's too big!", "Cost too much!", or "They tried to sell me a Buick!".

     You won't have any of these problems at the Grove's greatest art show on Sunday, March 4th.  It's the 20th annual "Gifford Lane Art Stroll" taking place where Gifford meets Oak Ave. (If you go to the tennis courts across from Coconut Grove elementary, you're there). Noon to 5 p.m.
     Just a block long in a charming residential neighborhood, it's the festival every other art show wishes it could be.

     Sixty local artists, including me, will be showing their stuff. Bands will play and Trina's cucumber punch bowl will be drained by thirsty patrons repeatedly.
     I'll be on the south end as usual, selling strange and wonderful things like,

Seed Pod Fish

Shadow Boxes


Skulls in a Box 

A delicious slice of Mahogany Carrot Cake

And for you who want the finest tools for ethnic home defense,
Maori Warrior Clubs 

Irish Shillelaghs!  (pronounced, "shill-lay-lees")

I also am offering two
Screaming Banshees.

Want to be the coolest kid on the block? purchase a Mango Republic T-Shirt!

This list is long. Sometimes I wonder how I come up with all this stuff. It's an artist's dilemma, "Do I make screaming banshees or not?".  
Francesca practices the art of baking. My wife will be selling her delectable, just-out-of-the oven banana bread.

    Like Brigadoon, the Stroll appears for just five short hours every year for those lucky enough to stumble upon it. It is located on one short street a block east of SW 32 Ave., and two blocks north of Grand. Walk or ride your bike (the free bike valet is on the south end, next to the tennis courts). You can usually park on the street within two blocks. 
    It's free and fun.  We hope to see you there.

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