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Saturday, March 31, 2018


        This is what we wake up to every morning.  

This week we are perched on a hill in this sky-blue house. We're enjoying a visit with friends on the north shore of Saint Croix. Two miles out is Buck Island and 90 million miles beyond, the rising sun.


      Who doesn't dream of escaping to Paradise now and then?  For the price of a modest home in Coconut Grove you can buy this place, complete with a pool and the guest apartment below.     
        It belongs to former Groveites, Martha and Peter.
Their place has four bedrooms, four baths, and an endless stream of cool ocean air that makes air conditioning  unnecessary.


 A ten-minute walk  takes you to a pristine beach where people are rarely seen.

Every night the rhythmic surf lulls us to sleep. The hassles are few -it is a part of the United States- and, the rum is cheap.

 Walkin' the lizard


           Lunch at the Sandcastle

       St. Croix got rediscovered two years ago when one of its locals, Alexander Hamilton, became a Broadway star. Yesterday we walked down King Street's broken brick sidewalks as he did 250 years ago. As you may know, Alex's mother spent a few months imprisoned in the fort here for bearing her two sons out of wedlock.  The younger one became a founding father and James, a St. Croix carpenter.

    The Hamilton boys walked here.

         We've been to many Easter sunrise services. I expect tomorrow's will border on the spectacular. We'd expect nothing less from our windswept hill. 

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