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Saturday, March 17, 2018


      I wish the Venezuelan zillionaire who bought the 8-acre Dupont estate at the end of St Gaudens Road would leave us alone. The short street leading to the water is one of the few places where the public can see Biscayne Bay.

    For years we've walked there to stare out to sea. Years ago a neighbor built a bench to give us rest.
  When the developer bought the parcel next door, he built an illegal, un-permitted, 12-foot wall.


   He even added barbed wire to the top of it going up another three feet.

   I complained to the city. The tall wall still stands but at least the razor wire came down.

   A television camera was added so he could watch us stare at the stars or relax on the bench. 


    Last fall's hurricane destroyed our seat so last week, a friend and I re-built it.  




        I guess he was watching because
two hours later, before the concrete could set, his workmen tore it apart and tossed it into the bay.

   Our concrete block columns, smashed on the shoreline

The next day, we built another one and asked the developer's property manager to cut us some slack. He did. A week later our bench still stands.

    Why does enjoying a water view have to be so difficult in Coconut Grove?  Doesn't it seem easier everywhere else?
    For the moment you can still sit at the end of St. Gaudens Road. Wear something nice, the developer may be watching you.

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