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Saturday, February 24, 2018


    Miami can be a dangerous town. With this in mind, we've had Tyrolean gnomes, Hedwig and Fritz, guarding our house since 2006.   Recently, we discovered were actually disguised Russians trolls (actual names: "Nikita and Boris") who have been spying on us for years.

   After Boris 'fessed up we reduced  both of them to iron slag. We then set out to find new, scary sentries, ones  we could entrust with our safekeeping.  
We found them in Ireland. 

   Meet Erin and Colleen, our skeletal banshees who howl and gnash gnarly teeth when anyone approaches. Geez, their eyes even glow when angered.

The devilish duo even came with a shillelagh (an Irish fighting club) which we now keep by the door. We feel much better now knowing we have the finest in Irish home protection. 

   You can have it too.  On Sunday, March 4th, Francesca and I will be participating in the Grove's greatest art festival, THE GIFFORD LAND ART STROLL

   I'll be selling banshees, shillelaghs, and the usual weird stuff I make.  Francesca will
be selling her delicious banana bread. Come enjoy the show and visit us.  Its the first booth you encounter at the corner of Gifford Lane and Oak Avenue. We'll be there noon to 5.  
Hope to see you then.

A Few Other Things 
More Serious


     It's a wonderful thing having  Broward's bright, articulate teenagers showing us how to make schools -and our country- more sane and safe. 
1000 of us are going Tallahassee Monday morning to support their valiant efforts. We will march, demonstrate for better gun laws and speak with our elected representatives. 
    If you can't join us, please call these people
and tell them your thoughts. If the kids can do it so can we.


     On Wednesday and Friday at noon, we will be staging "die-ins" at the offices of our local state representatives who oppose strengthening our gun laws. Drop me a line if you are "dying" to be a part of this creative, political endeavor.  I'm at .

     Our government is broken. There has never been a more important time to take action.  Call, speak up, and help throw the bums out of office in November

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