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Monday, October 17, 2016


   This year's election ballot is long and often confusing. You might want to vote early, or, by mail.
    Early voting starts a week from now. The Coconut Grove site has changed, you can not vote at City Hall as we've done in the past.  Now we will be voting in one of the old buildings across from Viscaya.
    Park in the Science Museum parking lot then enter the Viscaya Village gate. Signs will lead you to what they call the "Historic Viscaya Garage".  Try not slipping on the historic grease spots as you enter (just kidding, it used to be a rich guy's car port and now it is a meeting room, no grease at all).

   Early voting begins on Monday, October 24 and ends on November 6. Hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
The Grove address is 3250 South Miami Avenue, Miami, 33129.  There are about 25 early voting sites in Dade County. The next closest ones are the Shenandoah and Coral Gables libraries.

   If you'd like to vote by mail you can do so by making a request online with the county's elections office.   You can also get information on that at the county's elections office or the new Democratic Campaign Office in Coconut Grove.


 The Grove's "Hillary" office is on Grand Avenue, a half block west of Douglas Road (SW 32 Ave). Parking is easy.  We found out when we went there to volunteer yesterday. Francesca and I were asked to go "canvassing".
                                    They gave us a list of wealthy voters that live on (or near) the bay south of Mercy Hospital. We found that the more money you have, the less likely you are to give strangers the time of day. 
     In most cases there was a TV camera and an intercom outside the fences, walls, and gates. We smiled our best but rarely could get anyone to acknowledge us. We weren't there to convince voters (our list was registered Democrats) but rather, to encourage them to vote and to answer questions.  
    Two people actually came to their doors, opened them, and joined us in humorous conversations. There is a lot to laugh about in this election (it helps keep us sane).
    We talked about the Hillary, Donald, and the very confusing solar amendment (Vote "No" on Amendment one, please). As we left both of them thanked us for volunteering. That felt good.
     The Hillary offices (there are several in Dade) need more volunteers.  If you'd like to canvas, make phone calls, or enter data, stop by and sign up.  You can also call the office manager, Amory.  His # is 1-802-999-7714.
   It's a fun crowd. You can join our volunteer group as well at the Debate Watching Party Wednesday night at the Grand Avenue office, 8:30 p.m.

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