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Wednesday, October 12, 2016


    Scratch that one off my list, I saw my first real magic show last night. 
"The Illusionists-Live From Broadway" is playing at the Arsht Center this week. It'll run through Sunday, October 16th.
     It showcases seven of the world's best in a non-stop, spectacular procession. 
The magicians range from the

                                           and goth,

to hilarious.
              There was also a smooth operator

and Colin Cloud, the Scotsman who did not
blow your mind but, he certainly could read it. 

  Often people from the audience were brought up on stage to join the fun. Thank God I wasn't chosen but the guy in front of me wasn't so lucky.
     Francesca and I saw manikins turn into people, people created from nothing, and twisted paper transformed into long stemmed roses. It was terrific, something the whole family will enjoy. Tickets start at $37 and if you can't afford front row seats,
 there's a large overhead screen to bring the fun up close.
      You've got four more days to see the The Illusionists.  Go. It's magic!

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