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Monday, October 10, 2016


     One of the Grove's great annual events took place last night at the Barnacle State Park. It was   Iko-Iko's Love- In, a star-lit concert on the bay.  

Graham Drout and Joe Donato
 There are few things in the Grove that bring our community together.  How often are you drawn to any intimate public affair featuring friends and neighbors? Most Grove events are designed to bring thousands of people here to spend money on beer, food, (or next week) pumpkins.  You're usually standing in dirt, lost in a crowd of strangers, wondering why you're not having fun.

   But not last night! Graham Drout's Iko-Iko band (and their guest musicians) were hot.  They had us dancing like we were revelers at a '69 love-fest. Artists were selling tie-dye, hippie jewelry, and masseuses were easing tired muscles for $1 a minute.
                                                                     Jellyfish was feelin' it
  A Big Thanks to the the musicians and the Barnacle Society for giving the Grove so many reasons to smile last night. We need more of them.

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