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Tuesday, October 18, 2016


     It seems they're building a prison at the end of St. Gaudens Road. The short, South Grove street ends on Biscayne Bay. It's one of a few places where  residents can walk to feel a breeze or see the water.

   Now you can enjoy gentle waves while sitting next to a prison-style ten-foot razor wire fence. The  8-acre former Dupont Estate has a new owner, he erected the creepy fence last week. I guess they'll start on the cell blocks soon.
  The city code does not allow this level of ugly.
It states:
3.7.2 Prohibited on Fences and walls
  1. The use of broken glass, projecting nails, coiled razor wire, spikes or similar materials on walls and Fences is prohibited in all Transect Zones.
  2. Barbed wire Fences, or use of barbed wire along the top of a fence or wall, shall be permissible only in D1, D2 and D3, subject to approval by Waiver.      (I doubt he has a "waiver")

       The city apparently has no means to enforce the code. There's nothing I can do.  I have tried.
        For a week I have made over twenty phone calls to try and complain.  I attempted to communicate with the 311 people, the code compliance office, Ken Russell's office, and the NET office to try to get someone's attention.  No one has been responsive.
       Usually no one answers the phone. I leave messages that do not get returned. Twice I spoke with humans that told me to call someone else. 

        I feel like our local government is broken when I am unable to communicate with it.

        So, we're stuck with this slim piece of mismanaged public land on Biscayne Bay. It's the one where 

    -the City allowed its owner, back in the 60's, to extend his property fifty yards out beyond the shoreline (hence this wall jutting out, cutting off half of the bay view while adding two acres to the estate).

    -The property was used as a toxic dump fifty years ago, like Merrie Christmas and Douglas  Road Parks, and

    -Now, the new owner has erected a razor-wire fence to slice up anyone who tries to peer over his wall to see what his toxic dump looks like. 

        Funny place, this Miami.

    Note:  After I posted this blog I got one of my calls returned, from Ken Russell's office. His staff member, Anthony Balzebre, was very helpful.  He told me he would contact the head of code enforcement in the Grove. Let's hope this results in something good.

    (October 25th, A week later) Nothing has changed. 
    (Oct. 26th)  The building permit department reported that an inspector visited the site and "was opening a case for building a fence without permit and for using barbed wire and razor wire without a special permit".  That sounds like progress.  Let's see what happens next.

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