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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

EVERYOBODY LOVES CHARLIE - Charlie Cinnamon, Coconut Grove legend

    I type this blog next to my front window. Several times a day I see my friend, Charlie Cinnamon, pass by walking his dog. Always impeccably dressed, he takes the quick steps of a young man (he's got two decades on me).

     Everyone loves Charlie. He is helpful and kind to every person crossing his path.

  The PR whiz is also a local legend who is known  -among a long list of accomplishments- for having started the Coconut Grove Art Festival 53 years ago. "Mr. C" is featured in a latest issue of the foodie mag, "Edible South Florida".



   Here he is walking his dog, "Coaly". They're standing next to the  shuttered Grove playhouse.  
    Charlie spent years there promoting its productions. We look forward to the time when our leaders figure out how to open the playhouse doors again. 
    It was -and still can be- the center of our artsy community.  When we have that grand re-opening, we want Charlie to cut the ribbon.

Note:  A couple of weeks ago I noticed Charlie wasn't walking by as usual. I went to his house (we live on the same block) and learned he was seriously ill. 

Please send love, prayers, and healing thoughts his way. 

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