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Wednesday, June 1, 2016


      They paid me to teach kids art and and how to listen to the sea. How cool is that?  

   My 25-year teacher career ended yesterday. You'd think that I'd wave goodbye and drive into the sunset but no, I was imprisoned.
    After teaching a few classes and getting a hundred hugs, I began packing my things to leave. It took so long I was the last teacher at my West Kendall school.
     When I tried to leave I could not, the night janitor (who knew I was there) had locked me in.  He never liked me much. After an hour of frustrating phone calls the big gate was finally opened. Freedom!
    As I rolled my stuff to the car two young men came gliding by on skateboards.  They stopped and asked, "Aren't you Mr. Terry?" When I smiled they hugged me and made me happy again.
    The boys said they'd loved my art classes. As we chatted one added that he could not believe I was sharing my last teaching moment with him. Lucky kid (lucky me). 
    A final touch of sunlight streamed though distant trees. It seemed like a pretty good way to go. 


  1. You will be missed, of this I am sure. maybe it was one final act of rebellion from the students and they worked in cahoots with the night janitor.

    1. No, I led student rebellions, I taught them to always question authority. The janitor was working on his own.

  2. Congratulations on your contribution to the next generations! Enjoy Life's next adventures.

    1. Thanks Tom. I'm joining the softball league for old guys. Let me know when you're ready.

  3. Glenn- we are excited to hear of your decision to retire! You will have lots to share with us in your new journey into the freedom we all strive for! You've earned these coming moments and desire high praise for modeling civic and artistic behaviors for which young people can aspire.
    We never really retire from sharing teaching and loving those willing accept love! Best wishes to you!
    Welcome to our world!
    Janet & Greg Burns

  4. Edit that to "DESERVE" high praise!