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Sunday, May 29, 2016



     This morning the party was over. We woke up slowly, heads filled with happy memories of last night's "Performance".  It was a Great Grove Party and if you were there you're probably still smiling.
     Francesca and I tried a new recipe, "Invite thirty-five of your most unusual friends and require them to entertain each other by singing, dancing, or telling  jokes".   I got to emcee the twenty-five who jumped at the chance  to perform on our backyard stage.
 (Most photos by Erin Clancy, part of the show's Hot-to-Trot Trio)

     Federal magistrate, Zip Robertson was one of them. Yesterday he grabbed a harmonica, stepped off his boat and got on to his bike. Ten minutes later he was pedaling into our backyard ready to sing the blues. 

    The show kicked off with South Miami poet, Gray Read, reciting her epic,"Ode To a Plastic Bag".

Husband Phil told us of his recent visit to the White House to discuss sea-level rise. A Native American told him, "We no longer listen to the whales". I'm sure its true.

   I've known musician Bill Kunz since kindergarten.  Last night he played his  banjo beautifully.

  Allen "Jellyfish" Aunapu is a multi-talented musician, boat captain and Mango Strutter.  He crawled the entire route of the 2007 parade pretending to be a dog (and yes, he peed on many a leg).  Last night he played the haunting "They Love the Boogie".

    Gables orthopedist Manny Aran shared a story from his days as a roadie.  He worked for both Little Richard and Canned Heat.  
 North Grove chanteuse Marya Meyer, backed by Bobby Ingram, did a lovely version of "Teach Your Children Well".

Bobby was joined by the Solar Dog Band (and  his daughter, Bryn) to belt out  few more.   

  Dan Kavanaugh read a romantic poem written by his wife, Brigitte. It was a lovely story about how a foul-smelling Epoisses cheese had brought two lovers together.

Dan was followed by the comedy duo "Brent & Mike". They could have brought the house down had they'd had access to sledgehammers.

  Punk rocker, Dave Villano, slammed the audience with "I Hate People!".  My wife and I backed him on our ukes.
Francesca wore dark glasses so she could not be recognized.
The two of us went on the sing my song, "Green Parrot Blues.
I was off key but no one seemed to care.

      The show continued with a quiz show, satirical songs, ukulele band, and a spontaneous art demonstration.  I thank those artists (Don, Louie, Julie, Erin, Kay, Denise, Alan, Thorn, Phoebe, Martha, Terry and Cynthia), and the earlier performers, for sharing their talent last night.  When amateur hour ended the Dogs & friends cranked up and got us dancing.

    "Performance" was a success because everyone attending was willing to "entertain".  They made the night spectacular.

   Below you can see Zip's performance! 

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