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Saturday, June 11, 2016

THIS MONTH'S DEATH ROW LIST (Kiss These Houses Goodbye)

     Every month the City of Miami produces a list of houses that have received demolition permits. These are the the addresses of the ones listed in Coconut Grove for June, 2016: 

3500 Curtis Lane
    3220 Matilda St.
        3160 Shipping
             2550 Overbrook
                  4055 Hardee
                       3210 Calusa
                            3280 Day Ave.
                                 3621 Noc-a-tee
   Keep in mind that many developers have received permits previously but have not torn down their old Grove houses yet. Other residences, like this wooden bungalow on Swanson, got its permit a couple of months ago.
    It got clawed to pieces last Tuesday.  Soon it will be replaced by something like this,


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