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Friday, June 3, 2016


    I want to know what's going on. My day is not complete unless I've read a newspaper.  I could say why but  Louis C.K. said it better, 

   "The truth is that the news, if you're really paying attention, is complex and boring. I often set a goal for myself that I'm only going to read the news in the newspaper and to stay away from Internet news. Because the stuff that goes up on the sites is immediate, brash and badly reported. They just scoop it and slop it and chuck it. 
   The newspaper has limited space. And they have until morning to get it to you. So there's more thought put into it. Internet news is heroin. Newspaper news is nutrition. That's my view. Don't get all mad. I'm just sharing."                     -Louis C.K., 3-26-16

FLASH ALERT -  The Prez was in d' hood!

  We knew the President would be in Miami today but we did not know where or why. This evening, around 6:30 p.m. his motorcade came south on Douglas Road, a block west of our house. It did not turn and come our way.  Instead, President Obama headed to a dinner on St. Gaudens Road a few blocks south.
   As the motorcycles and black cars passed a highway patrolman turned to my son, Dylan, and said, "See that second limo? The most powerful person in the world is sitting inside". 

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