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Tuesday, June 16, 2015


      Know any good ones?  We're looking for a few to include in our 2015 Great Grove Tree Tour. In a few months we are going to ride bikes to see the trees that made the Grove 

    Your nominations could be large, small, or in between. "Distinctive" is the quality we're looking for.  Maybe yours has a story, like the one your great grandfather lashed himself to to ride out the Great Storm of '26.  

      Each tree must be  accessible to the public and located in Miami's garden, Coconut Grove. Flowering trees are okay but we prefer the ones that enchant year round.

     Things will be looking up on our tree tours this fall, especially with your help.
We'll be having two, one for the south Grove and another for the north.  If you're aware of a special tree let us know about it. 

 "Tree Tour Central" at .

Bougainvillea vines taking over the canopy of an oak in the south Grove.

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