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Sunday, June 7, 2015


     Miami is in trouble. Developer Michael Simkins may build a two-acre television in the sky, one we will be forced to look at for the rest of our lives.  He calls it "Innovation Tower" but the only thing innovative about it is how it rises to an extreme level of bad taste.

    Broadcasting commercials 24/7 from a 600-foot tower in downtown Miami, it will make tens of millions of dollars a year for Simkins.

     It will make Miami look stupid for the rest of the century.

It will make people like me want to puke.
It's that bad.

   We've heard awful proposals before... the giant Columbus and the football field-size flag but this one is much worse. The 60-storys tall LED billboard will look like this as you cruise up I-95,

 You'll be able to see the damn thing glowing 25 miles away.
Imagine that, then, 
do something to stop it. 

On June 25th and June 29th, there will be two meetings in which our city commissioners will decide if this travesty gets built or not. Call or e-mail the mayor and everyone sitting on the Miami city commission.

Commissioner Tomas P. Regalado
Mayor Tomas P. Regalado
(305) 250-5300 VOICE
(305) 858-5332 TTY
(305) 854-4001 FAX

Office of the Mayor

Commissioner Wifredo Gort
Commissioner Wifredo (Willy) Gort
District 1
(305) 250-5430  VOICE
(305) 250-5456 FAX
Office of Commissioner Wifredo (Willy) Gort
Commissioner Marc Sarnoff
Commissioner Marc Sarnoff
District 2
(305) 250-5333  VOICE
(305) 858-5329 TTY
(305) 579-3334 FAX
Office of Commissioner Marc Sarnoff
Commissioner Frank  Carollo

 District 3
(305) 250-5380 VOICE
(305) 858-5336 TTY
(305) 250-5836 FAX
Office of Commissioner Frank Carollo
Commissioner Francis Suarez

 District 4
(305) 250-5420 VOICE
(305) 858-5305 TTY
(305) 856-5230 FAX
Office of Commissioner Francis Suarez
Commissioner Hardemon
Commissioner Keon Hardemon
(Vice Chairman)
District 5
(305) 250-5390 VOICE
(305) 250-5399 FAX
Office of Commissioner Keon Hardemon
Also, you should consider sending an e-mail to Mr. Clarence Woods ( ).
It is hard to believe but the developer is of the opinion that this only Mr. Woods' signature is needed to build his tower.  Woods works for one of the city's development agencies.

    Tell them, "Please stop Innovation Tower".
We elected them and they should listen.
Hopefully they will have the courage to say "No" to Simkins' proposal.  It is one of the worst
ideas ever foisted on the City of Miami.

                                 Renderings graciously provided by Grove artist, Terry Ferrer.

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