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Sunday, June 14, 2015


   After twenty years of promises, activists created a
new park yesterday. Dan Paul Park now sits proudly on Biscayne Bay, just east of the American Airlines Arena.  More than two hundred people showed up for the event including three  commissioners. All expressed their support to do more than dedicate this forgotten land to the departed park advocate. They said, "Let's make Dan Paul Park permanent!"
    We applauded and when we were there yesterday, it really seemed more like a park than a parking lot.

  Dozens of us marveled at the light sparkling on Biscayne Bay.  Many had
come on bicycles,


kids played,

and one young woman led a yoga class.

If you went today, it might be look like it has for twenty years, a locked up parking lot. But eighteen hours ago it was a vision of what it should be.
   We had a great time. It was an exciting park on the water, the one we were promised two decades ago.

        After county commissioner Xavier Suarez expressed his support for Dan Paul Park, he reminded us that it was next to our fantastic new art museum.  "Today is Second Saturday and it is free to everyone!"  .

We took his advice and enjoyed the luscious walk north to "PAMM".  

We had lunch on the bay and enjoyed a brief tour of the current exhibit.

It's always a thrill to be there.
       I got a kick out of seeing this island version of a Mercury space capsule.  Inside was a lawn chair for the astronaut and a styrofoam cooler for beer.

It was a busy day but it didn't stop there.  A few hours later Wynwood was having its Second Saturday Artwalk celebration. Yeah, it was an exciting street party for thousands but for if you wanted to see great art, the Perez Museum was the place to be.  

It's easy to find, just north of Dan Paul Park.



My wife, Francesca, had the final word in Sunday's Miami Herald article on our "takeover",


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