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Thursday, June 18, 2015


         Kids do crazy things. When I was in high school the ultimate insult was to drive past someone with your bare butt protruding from a car window. 

We called it "mooning" and  developer Michael Simkins is about to "moon" everyone in Miami.

The Miami Beach resident is asking the City of Miami's permission to build a 633-foot tower in downtown Miami. It will have two-acres of LED panels that will blast TV ads in every direction for 25 miles.  It will be ugly, horribly distasteful, the ultimate statement in greedy commercialism. 

   Simkins will be making tens of millions of dollars every year beaming ads from his perch in the sky.  He will be mooning Miami 24-hours a day.
   It's the craziest thing I ever heard of but it just may happen.  If it does we'll have to look at Simkin's daunting derrierre for decades.

    On June 25th and 28th,  the City of Miami commissioners will vote to allow it or not.  It could be a whole new take on the old song, 
"Moon Over Miami".
You can help stop this from happening.  Call or e-mail city and county commissioners now.  Don't let them tell you, "It's not in my district so it's not my problem". 

 If Simkin's tower is allowed, it will be everyone's problem.

For information on contacting City of Miami officials, scroll below and look at my June 7th entry,"Innovation Tower, Let's Stop it!".

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