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Wednesday, June 17, 2015


   Three weeks ago I wrote about how most of the Grove's new houses look like doctor's offices.  Some of you commented on the white boxes while others sent me photos of
bad versions of "Miami Modern" invading your neighborhoods.

This cold-looking warehouse replaced three cottages -S. Rose
In the late 70's I lived in one of them.
The "warehouse", at the corner of Coacoochee and Chucunantah, just went on the market for $2.8 million.
It's best feature is the mango tree to the left.  It was the star of my 1978 film, "Mango Madness".

Some idiot built a McBox across the street from me.  This is what I see out my front window now
 - G.  Thorn

They torn down my mother's house on Aviation Avenue.  It was a wonderful place and now its going to be some big white thing - G. McDanial
The house on Aviation as depicted in this painting by Grove artist, Lynn Fecteau.


These houses remind me of military fortifications, a good place to park a Hummer  - H. Pancoast


We need more physicians working in Coconut Grove.  Let's pass a law saying that these "doctors' offices" can only be used to practice medicine-  A. Neale
 This house, just east of Burger King, has a novel carport, one with  no roof -  V. David


Saving the best for last, a huge, white box on Kumquat has a toilet that backs up to a street window.  No one has occupied the house so fortunately we've never seen this privy in action.

We've got such unique, beautiful houses in Coconut Grove. We need to beef up our historic preservation laws to protect them- C. Ferrer


 I couldn't agree more. 

     Things change but we've got to hold on to our past too.  I can't imagine our colorful village morphing into what looks like a kingdom of cardiologists.


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