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Sunday, August 17, 2014


     He was the only friend I ever had who could easily operate an abacus, slide rule, and an algebraic calculator.  Ricky Rodgers was that smart.  I went to visit him in the hills of Oakland last month. The solar energy scientist told me about his latest invention, his son's amazing accomplishments, and  he took me on a garden tour where the weeds were winning.
                                                                            Rick and Ricky Jr., 1999
    Rick and I traded stories since we were fraternity brothers in Gainesville almost fifty years ago.  In the late 60's we were neighbors sharing the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.  For a while our version of a commune was awesome.   
   Over the years he'd show me his latest solar energy designs including a unique cooling system for a huge Buddhist temple, and his latest musical discoveries.  I noticed he entered the age of Facebook a little late. Hooking up last year he gathered 38 "friends" and recently responded to a post asking, "Could a paper clip traveling at 90% of the speed of light destroy an asteroid similar to the one that killed the dinosaurs?" .
My brilliant friend had answers to all things technical.  He responded, "I think so - easily. E=m*(.9*c*.9*c) ".  How Ricky.

     A few days ago I got a message that he had died.  I know a month ago he told he wasn't feeling well.  He said, "They must have spent $40,000 on tests but they still don't know what my problems are".  His Oakland memorial sevice starts in five-minutes and I guess, his problems are over.  
Peace be with you, brother Rick.

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