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Sunday, August 10, 2014


    A two-person parade rolled past our house today. Natasha and Giles just moved to Linden Lane.
    The artists came from NW Miami where they had witnessed crazy things, "kids throwing rocks at us" and adolescents racing over the roofs of parked cars. 
   We assured them that their roofs would be safe in Coconut Grove.
    Giles grew up in the neighborhood and has performed in many King Mango Struts.  You may remember him jumping his bike over bodies as the 2003 parade's "Evil Knievel".  He is quite the showman, a talented carpenter, and an illustrated man.  One of his many tattoos is an 9-inch comb inked on his forearm.  It's looks nice enough but isn't very effective in arranging hair.

   Tasha and her sister, Monica, are South Florida's most amazing performance artists, "The TM Sisters".
                         Their work takes them all over the world where they tackle a wide range of theatrical subjects.  

   I know roller skates are often incorporated into their act so I asked Tasha, "Have you ever been in a roller derby?".
"Oh yeah!"  she answered with a smile, "But they
kicked me off the team because I couldn't be as  mean as the other girls".

     She and her boyfriend looked anything but as they laughed in the street today.  When I gave them a papaya Natasha placed it her on her head as they road off.  Performance artists indeed.
Welcome to Coconut Grove.

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  1. A TM sister? Now that's a true celebrity. Welcome to the hood!
    The McBilligals