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Sunday, August 24, 2014



     On Tuesday Miami voters will decide if developer Jeff Berkowitz will be allowed to display his grand erection in downtown Miami.   If approved, "Skyrise", a 1000-foot bobby pin-shaped tower, will mar our waterfront for years to come; the city's tallest building will also be its most ridiculous.

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   It's the main part of Berkowitz's plan to rebuild  the unloved Bayside mall yet in selling it to voters, the tower isn't seen or mentioned.  As usual, the sell is about the developer offering to build a new mall "for free" on public land that will create thousands of crummy jobs.Image result for image skyrise miami
      If Berkowitz could have offered us something more Miami, say, a 1000-foot banana, his proposal would have been much more attractive, at least to the Banana Republicans in Coconut Grove.

      Let's not get stuck with Berky's big banana.
Vote "No" on Skyrise -referendum 134- Tuesday.

big banana : Ripe yellow banana isolated on a white background

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