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Friday, August 15, 2014


       This is my youngest son, Ian. 
 When I introduce him to friends they often say, "My, you're as tall as a tree!". 

 As you can see below, he clearly is not.

    Ian sitting in front of his Tallahassee apartment, the one that flooded this summer.

     When a rusting pipe "went geyser" his duplex was transformed into a fully-furnished swimming pool.  If you think that's funny wait 'til you hear what the landlord, "Tammy", told him.  She said it was partially Ian's fault because he'd come home for the summer, she might have to hold on to his damage deposit.  
    Had he been summering in Tallahassee, I guess he might have called Tammy to asked, "Am I dreaming or is my bed really floating in a fully-furnished swimming pool?".

   By the time we arrived last weekend the pool had been drained and somewhat dehumidified.  Mold was climbing the walls and the smell?   Cousin Benny, who'd been there a week before,  described as it as "rotten bodies".
    Ian and I tiptoed through the mildew and moved him out.  His new place smells much better and his bedroom, being on the second floor, will be much harder to flood.

     My son begins his junior year at FSU this fall.  He is studying computer science with a minor in Mexican wrestling (a/k/a "Lucha Libre").  This may be hard to believe
                      "El Diablo Rojo" 

because Ian is such a friendly, pacifistic young man.  He doesn't care if the Seminoles win or lose.
I find that refreshing. 

      I found the red mask during the move. It belongs to a friend and Ian was nice enough to model it.  That's it. No fighting future for him but  he should hold onto the mask for another month.

     Ian may need it when he asks Tammy to return his damage deposit.


 Glennito Gordito 
(a/k/a The Grove Guy)

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