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Saturday, August 2, 2014


    Moss Landing had its 42nd annual garage sale last Sunday.  The little seaside community calls it "The Antique Faire" but anything anything old IS sold.   Do you collect hats?


Yardsticks or eggbeaters?


Matryoshka dolls?

Or California Raisins?  The Faire's got you covered.

Two hundred vendors set up shop on a dusty road in this four-block town. 

    Many of them were as interesting as the things they were selling.

    While the Faire was enough to happily fill a summer day,  you could walk two blocks to the bay to see your fill of humpback whales.
They follow the food and Monterey Bay has a billion sardines this summer.  

      Sea otters swim out to watch them wave

This picture was taken by our guide, Kate, on our whale watch boat the day before. 

and the birds go gawking too.  

    Everyday is like this. We do this, that, then return to the beach.  For us these huge dark dancers are the greatest show on Earth.


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  2. 300 yard Sale ~ lol ... Is that a quip about the annual 450-mile yard sale that goes from Alabama to Ohio? Have you done that one? I have.
    ~ Evie