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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


  We rode another rocket yesterday. This one landed in San Francisco.  I'm still astounded that, for the price a brake job, you can buy a window seat and zip through space at 500 miles per hour. 
    We saw the entire state of Colorado in twelve minutes and missed the Grand Canyon because we were ordering drinks.
   I did see what circular sprinklers can do for the desert.  We were too high to see what they were growing...
probably not mangoes. 

    I did bring a bunch to Berkeley where we are visiting Francesca's sister.  The mangoes are much appreciated here 'cause most folks have never eaten a good one.  People north of South Florida  can only get the crummy ones from Mexico.  They don't even realize these imports are tasteless until I put out a bowl like this, they bite into a Miami mango and yell "ZOWIE!".
   Yes, the Tijuana variety can be beautiful but like some pretty people, they  have no taste, aroma, or texture.   
  We went to one of the best places in the Bay Area to buy produce today, Berkeley Bowl (it used to be a bowling alley).  

  Their fruit and The veggie section alone could fill an  entire Publix. 

The "Bowl" offered  16 varieties of tomatoes,


eight types of eggplant,

but sadly, only three varieties of tasteless, Mexican mangoes, "Blanditto", "Mongo Mallo", and "Yuckiz".  The place has so many great things to eat you can easily forget about my favorite fruit.   
Check out the food from Mars.

   I love the way burdock roots inspire you sing "I Am the Walrus".  
My father-in-law found a real walrus tusk on a bay area beach. It now graces our Miami living room.


 You can live on bread alone in San Francisco. It's that delicious.  Good food can be cheap too.  

A week's worth of organic s greens goes for $3.99. 

The Bowl has an "old produce" section where everything is bagged and 75% off.   A funky looking/good tasting pineapple?  Just a buck.
 There's actually a new chain of food stores that sells old, edible bananas with spots, the food that everyone else throws away.  
    California may be on the cutting edge of most things but Florida's still the place where mango is king. The rocket will return us there next month.
   And speaking of kings, our Berkeley Bowl check out lady thought she recognized me and asked, "Aren't you the mayor?"  I told her I was and added, " I hope you like what I'm doing for this town".  She giggled,  took our money, and reminded us to have a nice day.


Note:  A dear friend from Mexico responded to stand up for her country's mangoes. I'm sure they've got great ones that never make it here.  The ones exported are the poor- tasting varieties that have a long shelf life.  Also, they are dipped in hot water and sprayed for pests.
 (Read the following only if you have a criminal tendencies)

Everything I wrote about California is a lie.  My wife and I are still in Miami protecting our home from guys like you. 

(Everyone else can read this)

  You know the great bits of advice that realtors send to remind us that they are still alive in case we decide to sell?  I just got this in an e-mail:

"July is prime vacation time, and you want to make sure your home is safe while you're exploring a new city.
Don't share your vacation plans on social media. You can tell about your great trip once you're home rather than broadcasting your home is vacant."

Are we at home or exploring a new city?  You decide.


       policeman pawing peaches
            Berkeley Bowl Market

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  1. with a guard dog as vicious as Pii, i think the homestead was fine whilst you were gone!

    love that huge farmers market. we just went to one in the UK and Ro thought it was a festival