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Sunday, June 29, 2014


    I've been teaching art for 25 years and one of our annual projects is making masks.  The kids and I use cardboard and paper mache to create magic.  I put some of theirs on the blog a few months ago.

  Sometimes I make masks myself to show 'em how its done.  
   There are so many in the attic now I thought it'd be fun to photograph and share them with you. 
A few of my students were kind enough to model.
A tip o' the hat to them. 
Here it is, 

         "Glenn's Incredible Mask Collection".

    My fish masks led Wynwood's King Mango Strut parade four years ago.

 This one's fishy too. 
It doubles as a bike helmet.

     I wore this
in February's Grassroots Festival parade.  My wings were painted palm fronds.

 I'm still working on Monkey Man. It'll take a few more hours to complete.

 I spent weeks making  Bonehead. The idea was to make a wearable skull so cool I'd want  to wear every Halloween.   I've done just that for eighteen years.


 Sometimes the results are surprising.  I created this one for my three-year-old son, Dylan, 25 years ago.  I thought he'd be the cutest thing wearing it.
   He wasn't. No one wearing it is.  
It scares people.  Every time.

    Such is the power of masks.  Mine are simply crazy ideas mixed with newspapers, paint, and glue.

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