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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


    We've become ecstatic whale worshipers. 
The big guys are drawn to the electric cathedral a few miles south. Everyday begins with a drive to Moss Landing. You turn right at the church (okay, the power plant) to watch the behemoths eating breakfast offshore.

   The first day of whale watching spoiled us.  Now if they don't do somersaults we're upset. Dozens of people come for the same thing. Yesterday we shared the rocks with "Joanne", a local animal rescue volunteer. For a half-hour she filled us in on what's been happening in Monterey Bay.
    I asked Joanne how often she comes to the the whale show. "Every Tuesday," she said adding, "and when I leave I pour a pint of sea water into the bay then scoop up a new one". 
  "Why?" I asked.  Joanne explained that the sea has been damaged, "I put my new pint next to crystals that have the proper frequencies. After a week it is energized and I return it to the beach. I know I am only fixing a small part of it but the water I repair could start a reaction that will cleanse the world's oceans."
     While I am not familiar with Joanne's  approach I hope it works.

Moss Landing Humpback Whales
Coming up for a mouthful of anchovies off Moss Landing Beach, 4-21-14.  Photo by Michael Sacks

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