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Friday, July 4, 2014


           One of Miami's most unique art galleries is inside the home of a Coconut Grove artist.  
    "Uta", like Cher and Sting,  chucked her last name years ago. At the same time she decided to get closer to nature, amp up her art skills, and to share them with the world.
    When you step inside the artist's 1930's bungalow you are surrounded by art.

 Much of it are things we take for granted taking on new forms.

         Woven packing paper mandala

                        Painted paint brushes

    While Uta paints,


  and draws,


I find her smaller creations most intriguing,

the painted bones,

and corks.

Arrangements of  bottles,


and dried flowers delight as well.  

  I've known Uta since she moved here from Germany in the 60's.   Though the earth whisperer is in her sixties, she keeps young by continually exploring new art forms, working in her garden, and bouncing on her trampoline.
    She sells her creations at art shows and on her website,
    Uta's art flows out into her yard as well. On another day we'll tour her magical garden.



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