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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


      The twelve year wait is almost over. This Saturday, June 14,  Museum Park on Biscayne Bay will finally open.  Come join us at this grand affair from 10 to 4 pm.  It's the beautiful new public space between the Heat Arena and the Perez Art Museum. 

     You probably know that David Beckham & Co. want to build a soccer stadium in the middle of our $30 million park and boat basin.  Being there will increase your resolve to oppose this lame-brained scheme.
 While visiting you can climb hills, loll in the sun and tour the Coast Guard's magnificent tall ship, "The Eagle".  It will be docked in the boat basin, the one that soccer star wants to fill (more room for his stadium!)   
Bring a picnic, your bike, and perhaps a Frisbee.

    Public officials will be there as well (they love to be seen at "openings").  When you see them, tell them that you don't want our parks cluttered with concrete monsters.

     You can park on the street or at the Perez Museum for two buck an hour.  Metromover takes you there as well.     Being June's second Saturday, you can enjoy the museum for free while you're visiting the park next door. 

       It's important.  We've waited twelve years.  Come enjoy Museum Park.

Good News!-  Two hours after I published this Miami's mayor reversed his position on Beckham's proposed stadium.  He issued a statement saying he now thinks Museum Park and its boat basin is an "inappropriate site" for this.  A majority of the public is against it (this week's Miami Herald poll) as well. 
HOORAY.  Sometime we win one. 
It's time for DB's investment group to move on to a better place to play the world's most popular sport in Miami.   

We hope you enjoy our new park on Saturday.

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