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Thursday, June 12, 2014


      A neighbor poked his head in our door last week and asked, "Are you still selling mango shirts?"

We laughed and said, "Yes".  I guess we're not the best about getting the word out about our fledgling t-shirt business.   

The Mango Republic store is online and always open.  You can step inside by typing, .
This being mango season, we're getting more orders than usual and Sunday being Father's Day, we wanted to tell you "Yes" too.

    Last month friends sent us a photo of them wearing what they described as their 
"favorite shirts".
 They were visiting a Nicaraguan volcano and it was nice to see our creations on vacation.    
Inline image 1 

Enjoy your vacation, Fathers Day, and another spectacular mango season.

From the Mango Republic,

        Glenn & Francesca

Note:  A special thanks to our models: Paula, Alvaro, Dylan and the two mangoes at the top.  They are the first from our new mango tree.  The variety?  A "Glenn" of course!

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