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Sunday, June 15, 2014


           I have been attending Plymouth Congregational Church for many years.  The Grove's largest church has been without a "senior pastor" for the last two years, since Tom Niblock retired.  Today, the church announced that they have finally found a new leader for the historic congregation.

   The Reverend Alvin Bunis, Jr. of Brooklyn, NY, will be the top dog at Plymouth beginning in October.

    "Reverend Al" graduated from Harvard in 1979 and like many classmates, headed for Wall Street. In his last twelve years there he was a VP with one of its largest investment houses. 
    Apparently he discovered there was more to life than making money.  His changed seriously when he entered New York Theological Seminary.  He earned a Masters of Divinity degree in 2011. He's been ministering in Brooklyn ever since.
    His church bio lists his interests as civic work, tennis, basketball, and blues-based rock music (especially The Allman Brothers).   I don't know if we'll be rockin' at Plymouth next fall but it will be good to see new blood there.

   The new pastor is married with two kids. Wife Lyn is extremely talented as well having earned an MBA at Wharton School.  She works at a large private school in Brooklyn.

   Always in need of a shaman, I went to church twice this morning.   After the Plymouth service I headed over to St. Paul's on Douglas.  My son, Dylan (of ), had donated an edible community garden and they asked him to speak. 



  Afterwards we gathered around the collection of veggies and herbs.  The garden was dedicated to a church member who had recently departed, Mr. Louis Washington. 
    The Everglades tomatoes were ripe. I ate several and passed on the rest.

        Yesterday we attended the opening of Museum Park.     

 The controversy over David
Beckham's proposed stadium has died. The Coast Guard's incredible tall ship, "Eagle", was anchored where David had hoped to place it.

   The ship's deck was as long as a soccer field.  Maybe Beckham and his buddies would like to play there. 

   One of the coolest things about our new park is the number of huge trees moved to this previously barren land. 
The propped-up ancient oaks are magnificent.    

 That's all the news from Palmetto Avenue.         

 Happy Fathers Day,

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