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Monday, February 24, 2014


   The annual Grassroots Festival is slowly growing.  Thousands of music lovers gathered on the shore of Key Biscayne to hear forty bands over four days. Most folks camped out in tents and the latest thing, tiny houses.

As usual for  February here, it was warm. I told one northerner, "You think this is hot?  Wait 'til July!"). Sunbrellas were a big seller.

We hung in the shade until it was time to begin our own little King Mango parade.

Eagle Boy and Monkey Girl joined in

as as did The Green Man.

King Mango hooked up with Eager Eagle 

while this young lady did her strutting on a tightrope.

After the parade I was cooling down with friends when I saw the strangest thing...

How often do you see someone shooting up from the water in Jet Boots?

It must be  the latest expensive way to have fun.

By then it was time to head home.

As King Mango bade me farewell I slipped into my own Jet Boots and shot back to Coconut Grove.

  We're already looking forward to  next year's festivities.

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